Bangla Problem?

If you cannot view Bangla in your Computer. Please follow 2 steps that are given below.

It’s very easy and would take just a few minutes only……

Step 1: Install Bangla Fonts

You need to have any Bangla Unicode font in your computer. If you don’t have it, download is easy!

I prefer “SolaimanLipi ” most as the Bangla Unicode font. Download SolaimanLipi from here now!

You can also“ Download AdorshoLipi” font and “Download Siyamrupali” font from here.

Now, Copy and paste the fonts to “C:\windows\fonts” or “control panel\fonts” folder.


Step 2: Browser Configurations

I would like to request you for using Mozilla Firefox or Safari as browser for viewing Bangla without any inconvenience.

Now, configure the browser you use by following the instructions blow:

a) Mozilla Firefox

1. From menu click on “Tools” and select “Options”

2. From this window click on “Content”.

3. Click on “Advanced” button.

4. Click on the drop down list for option “Fonts for” select “Bengali” from this list.

5. Complete all the option fields by selecting “SolaimanLipi” or any other Bangla font.

6. Select “Default Character Encoding” as “Unicode (UTF-8)” and click Ok.

7. Click Ok again to complete your setup.

Note: Firefox 3 is working fine. Please, use Firefox 3. This completes your setup for Mozilla Firefox.

b) Internet Explorer

I discourage you to use Internet Explorer and other browsers like Google Chrome, Opera for Bangla purpose. They are simply awful!!

1. From menu, go to “Tools>Internet Options”

2. From this window click on “Fonts”

3. Click on the drop down list for “Language Scripts” and select “Bengali” from this drop down list (you may have to scroll up to locate it)

4. Select any desired Bangla font (e.g. SolaimanLipi) for “Web Page Font”. Then click OK and OK again.

If  you have different BROWSER other than this, please click here. In most cases, these two steps are enough. If you cannot view Bangla till now, for more supports, please follow the 3rd step.

Step 3: Install ‘i-complex’

Just download and install “I-COMPLEX” in your computer. Click here to Download i-complex for installing Bangla Support of Windows in your computer.

After downloading is completed, run the software and click on “Install Complex Scripts” button. It will be installed and you might need to restart the computer.

If “i-complex” is already installed in Windows PC, ALL DONE!

আশা করি এখন আপনি কম্পিউটারে বাংলা পড়তে পারছেন। এখন থেকে মনের আবেগ-অনুভূতিগুলোর মাধ্যম হোক বাংলা……

Thanks for being with me 🙂

If you want to write Bangla in your computer (on MS word, text files), Facebook, Blogs, Yahoo and Gmail and so on… please go through my Tutorial on “Install Bangla In Your Computer”.

Please Click Here to view the Tutorial for more and detailed information….

I express my heartiest thanks to my friend Zihad & Tuhin for their helps. Thanks to younger brother Siyam, for being with me in different times.


6 Responses to Bangla Problem?

  1. Siyam বলেছেন:

    Great tutorial! Carry on.
    Apnar blog gula khubi valo hochchhe.

  2. dipankardasgupta বলেছেন:

    অভ্র keyboard ব্যবহার করে লিখছি। কিন্তু বাংলা font খুবই ছোট আসছে। Mozilla FF configure করেও লাভ হচ্ছে না। সমাধান আছে কী? Font size 28 করেও একই ফল।

    • boder haddi বলেছেন:

      Download SolaimnanLipi or SiyamRupali or BNG or any other better font that vrinda (vrinda just sucks).

      Then download and install “font fixer”. you can search for it with google.
      Run font fixer, select SolaimnanLipi or SiyamRupali or BNG as the default font, and then restart pc, Thats it.

      By the way, Font Fixer is also available with the new version of avro keyboard 5.0 or later.

  3. sunjray বলেছেন:

    Hi there,

    Sorry to tell you, I did something awkward. I have added a link of this page to my blog:
    it was a big problem since i started blogging in Bangla and I know very little of these technical details to provide a solution in my blog. I hope it would not disappoint you much. If you feel it uncomfortable, please let me know, I would immediately remove the link from my blog.
    I visited your blog, couldn’t read much, but its awesome from technical point of view. I feel I have lots of things to learn from you to manage my blog. Would you like to teach me something if I ask?
    Reply me if you like.
    Thanks and regards,

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